Laser knife cutting machine in the application of what are the advantages


Laser knife cutting as a representative of a new generation of laser cutting machines kicked off the market. The laser knife cutting machine is now called the most advanced processing equipment, but as a new thing, people tend to Not very understanding. This kind of laser cutting machine has different functions and advantages from other cutting equipments. It is very convenient and quick for enterprises to use it. I believe that in the future this is also the focus that we all pay attention to. In the following, we will specially accept what advantages the Laser Die Cutter has.

1, high-tech processing mode

The machining mode of this cutting machine is similar to that of the laser cutting equipment in peacetime, but the laser beam density of this laser cutting machine can be gathered very high, and has no effect on other parts of the laser cutting, and the material can be directly The quality of the processing and processing is very good, without complicated engraving patterns.

2, cutting cost is low

Because the processing speed of the laser cutting machine is very fast, and the loss of the cutting is low at the same time, the cutting accuracy is very high, which can reduce the production cost, and can create greater benefits and wealth for the enterprise. For the leather line, it is also a very good processing equipment. It only needs to perform high-precision cutting under the supervision of the computer, and the cutting speed is very fast, especially for small batches and single-piece processing materials.

3, processing materials and more

Laser knife cutting machine is not affected by the performance of the material, can process glass, bamboo, leather, cloth, rubber, marble and other special materials, and can cut irregular materials, processing parts do not need to be very fixed.

What are the advantages of the laser knife-die cutting machine? This is the most basic advantage. At the same time, he also has the characteristics of high brightness and high directivity, and can be rapidly processed under laser focusing. Laser beam cutting, punching, welding and surface modification of materials have been successfully used in the industry. Among them, laser cutting is one of the most widely used processing methods, which accounts for more than 70% of the entire laser processing. Laser knife cutting machine as an important development direction of the laser cutting industry will certainly bring unlimited benefits and convenience to all companies. It is believed that in the future market, the market prospect of laser die-die cutting machine must be very broad, and the users who use it are also more The more you come.