Tile cutter,Olente Stone Machinery



Now the market is better ceramic machinery manufacturers have Olite stone machinery, ceramic tile cutting machine, extending the functions of the original old clay machine to add a lot of new features, 45-angle new tile cutter, and developed a lot The new product now has the function of tile edging machine: circular edging, open anti-skid groove, 45 degree chamfer polishing, trimming, and chamfering

Main uses: Tile cutting, production step/step brick, floor/foot line brick, marble and other stone tile processing
Protective measures:

1, wear a professional mask or mask while working.

2. Use wet processing to reduce dust when cutting tiles.

3 use manual tile cutters.

Give priority to the special cutting room to use desktop cutting machine for cutting, tile cutting machine, desktop cutting machine stability, less damage.

If you use a portable cutting machine, the main points are as follows:

1) Prepare a pile of fine sand, desktop tile cutting machine, the area of ​​fine sand piled is larger than the tile to be cut and the height is more than 20CM, the sand is flat but not solid;

2) Do not cut off one knife, first cut a groove about 3mm deep on the surface;

3) Then cut the tile from one end to the 2/3 of the length along the cut slot, and cut it from the other end until it cuts;

4) Keep enough cooling water in the cutting process and try to keep the cutting machine close to the tile surface to reduce the vibration of the cutting machine. The cutting speed should be as slow as possible.

5) The cutting saw blade is preferred to use the brand's special cutting blade, such as the special glass fossil cutting blade, which is generally available in the large building materials market.