What is the basic principle of electron beam welding?


What is the basic principle of electron beam welding? What are the characteristics and uses?

Electron beam welding utilizes a high-speed electron beam focused in a vacuum to bombard the surface of the weld, causing it to melt instantaneously and form a welded joint.

Electron beam welding has the following characteristics:

1) High energy density and strong electron penetration;

2) The welding speed is fast, the heat effect is cancelled, and the welding deformation is small;

3) The vacuum protection is good, the weld quality is high, and it is especially suitable for the welding of living wave metal.
Electron beam welding is used to weld low alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, refractory metals, composite materials, dissimilar materials, etc., thin plates and thick plates.

It is especially suitable for welding thick parts and welding parts requiring small deformation, using devices in vacuum, precision micro-devices, etc.