Electric welder routine maintenance


1. Check the welder output wiring specification, firm, and the outlet direction is close to vertical, and the angle with the horizontal must be greater than 70°.

2. Check the screw fastening at the cable connection. The screw specification is hexagonal bolt M10×30. The flat pad and spring pad are complete, and there is no rust and oxidation.

3. Check that the exposed cable length of the wiring is less than 10mm.

4. Check that the welder casing is grounded firmly.

5. Check the power supply of the welding machine and the grounding of the base metal.

6. Check the cable connection for reliable insulation and tape it.

7. Is the screen shield of the power cable, welding cable and welding machine wiring intact?

8. Whether the welding machine cooling fan rotates flexibly and normally.

9. Whether the power switch, power indicator and adjustment handle knob are kept intact, ammeter, voltmeter pointer is flexible and accurate, and the surface is clear and crack-free. The cover is intact and the switch is free.

10 Check for leaks in CO2 gas.