Working principle and characteristics of melting pole argon arc welding


The welding wire is sent through the wire wheel, the conductive nozzle conducts electricity, and the arcs are generated between the base metal and the welding wire, so that the welding wire and the base metal are melted, and inert gas argon is used to protect the arc and molten metal to weld. The difference between it and TIG welding: a welding wire as electrode, and is constantly melting in molten pool, the condensation of the weld; another is a protective gas, with the application of MIG welding, gas protection has been widely used in variety of mixed gas of argon to develop a single, such as rich argon gas Ar 80% + CO220%. Usually the former is called MIG, and the latter is called MAG. From its operating mode, the most widely used are semi-automatic melting polar argon arc welding and rich argon mixture protection welding, followed by automatic melting extremely argon arc