Tile cutter how to replace the cutting blade


Tile cutters are very well sold in the current market. Tile cutters are very important for the processing of tiles (cutting blades).

They are relatively easy to wear, but many people do not know how to replace them. How to replace the cutting blades? Here is a brief


1. Select the same type of cutting blade, depending on the configuration of the different types of cutting blade on the tile cutter


2. When the cutting blade is installed, the horizontal line should be kept flat. This can extend the service life of the cutting blade

and improve the yield of tiles that appear in the processing.

3, after installing the cutting blade to test how the cutting effect, with discarded tiles placed on the cutting surface of the tile for

the precise size adjustment, see if the effect of cutting to meet the standard.

4. The rotation direction of the clamping nut is the same as the rotating direction of the blade. Remove the nut to prevent the nut from

clamping the blade. In short, the cutting blade always makes the nut have the tendency to clamp the blade during the cutting process,

that is, the blade is clamped tighter by the nut during work.

5. When the saw blade is removed, the cutting saw itself is marked with a direction of rotation of the saw blade, and the thread of the

pressing nut of the fixed saw blade is opposite to the rotation of the saw blade, so that the bolt is rotated and tightened when the saw

blade rotates. When dismantling the saw blade, the saw blade is first fixed with a spanner, and then the cutting direction is indicated

by the arrow according to the arrow. The upper nut can be removed to remove the saw blade.

6, the tile cutter saw blade must pay attention to the installation, the direction of the arrow marked on the saw blade must be

consistent with the arrow direction of the saw blade enclosure.

7. When removing the parts, mark and record the parts in the order of removal.

8, put on a new saw blade.

9. Reset the parts by removing the parts in reverse order and marking.

10. Tighten the fixing nut.

11. Trial Run Check whether the blade rotation is stable. That is, the replacement of saw blade work