Hange equipment used in the process of precautions


Generally in the basement, tunnels, metal containers and more confined places for welding and cutting operations, due to air flow, access is not convenient, the light is not sufficient, the venue is not smooth, inconvenient activities and other special factors, welding, cutting operations Easy to accident, not easy to rescue. Therefore, the following safety measures must be taken strictly. There is a male in Wuxi
(1) Before operation, it is necessary to investigate the situation inside and outside the worksite carefully and thoroughly. It is necessary to find out if the outdoor buildings or other structures have any influence on the indoor welding and cutting, and whether flammable or explosive materials are contained in the room. If necessary, First of indoor gas sampling analysis, confirm the safety before entering the indoor operation. There is a male in Wuxi
(2) acetylene generator, oxygen bottles, welding machine are not allowed to put on the dynamic welding, cutting the room. To carefully check the oxygen - acetylene pipe and welding, cutting torch leak, to prevent oxygen - acetylene gas volume gathered in the room and cause an explosion, temporary welding, cutting the oxy-acetylene pipe and welding, cutting torch out of the room. Open all windows or doors, keep the air as close as possible and take mechanical ventilation if necessary.
(3) Welding operation with welding and cutting equipment, welding, cutting sites need to keep dry, strict inspection of insulation protection equipment meets the safety requirements. When working in a metal container, the welder shall not touch the metal container with the head, back or other parts without insulation. Lighting equipment should be low-voltage lighting.
(4) It is forbidden to pass oxygen into the room to regulate the air in the operation site