Technical Data

Standard Length:  5M
Air Pressure:  4.5-5.5BAR
Duty Cycle:  60%@100A
Duty Cycle:  100%@63A

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No. Description Part No.
  P-80 Complete   
  Torch P-80 Torch Head With Handle P-80
1  P-80A Hand Torch Head P-80A
  P-80B Hand Torch Head P-80B
2  P-80AP Machine Torch Head P-80AP
  P-80BP Machine Torch Head  P-80BP
3 Insulate Ring  LS TFQ08102
4 Electrode LS TET02033
5  Nozzle 1.1mm 40A  
  Nozzle 1.3mm 63A LS TET01310
  Nozzle 1.5mm 80A  LS TET01512
  Nozzle 1.7mm 100A  LS TSM06626
6 Old Style Nozzle 1.3mm 63A LS TET01305
  Old Style Nozzle 1.5mm 80A  LS TET01507
  Old Style Nozzle 1.7mm 100A  LS TET01809
7 Shield With Connector Silver Plated  LS TGN02004
  Normal Shield   
8 Site Wheel   
9 Handle, For Hand Torch LS TKC00005
10  Handle, For Machine Torch LS TKCO6102
11  Cable Assembly   
12 Pilot Cable   
13 Nut Cup   
14 Panasonic 2-Pin   
15 Spanner