Use and maintenance of light welding masks


Due to the use of special optical technology and solar energy technology, automatic dimming welding masks can quickly become dark when the dimming screen xenon arc appears. When the welding is stopped, the fork automatically recovers the brightness. The welder can immediately check the weld pool and precisely locate the welding point. A welding preparation, the use of welding masks, greatly improve the quality of welding. At the same time, the mask can also filter ultraviolet, infrared radiation and welding strong light damage to the eyes, can prevent splashes and harmful objects on the face of the violation, reduce the incidence of skin burns. Therefore, the auto-varying welding mask is widely used, but most of the auto-darkening welding masks currently used are foreign brands and use the English version specification. Welding workers do not understand the structure, use, and maintenance methods of welding masks. They can only adjust the opacity, sensitivity, delay time, and other function switches with operating experience, and do not understand the maintenance of welding masks. This shortens the service life of the mask and makes it less cost-effective, so it is necessary to learn how to use and maintain the automatic dimming welding mask.

1. Structure and use of auto-darkening welding mask

Automatic dimming welding mask is mainly composed of automatic dimming screen, outer protection sheet, shading adjustment switch, sensitivity setting switch, delay setting switch, power switch, cap shell, and some masks also have eccentric adjustment knob, grinding Mode selector switches and sensor sliders and other function switches.

The working principle is to use the liquid crystal body as a light-shielding lens, and the detector on the lens detects the generation and disappearance of the arc when the welding is performed, and uses electric power to drive the liquid crystal body to discolor the shade level, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the harmful light.


Automatic lighting screen

Different from the traditional passive shading lens made of various additives and pigments, it is composed of liquid crystals, electronic circuits, solar panels/batteries, sensors, and ultraviolet and infrared filters.
When the welding arc occurs, the liquid crystal is instantly triggered to become dark, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays are reflected off, and appropriate visible light is projected to the fundus, and light transmission is reduced to a proper level.


External protection film

Made of lightweight, durable, high-strength nylon, it resists dirt and friction, prevents sparks from damaging the dimming screen, and improves the life of the light-control welding mask.