Tile cutting machine development process


The development history of tile cutters is also a microcosm of the development of science and technology in China. From the initial manual operation to the current computer control, there has been a leap forward in cutting efficiency and precision.
The development of tile cutters has been going on for some time now. There have been a number of models that have different characteristics. Under the impetus of technology, there are more and more kinds of cutting machines, and the functions are more and more refined:
1, the drawbacks of portable tile cutter
   This is the initial product, so all aspects of technology are not perfect, there are many problems. Hand-held tile cutters are not only noisy, dusty, but also difficult to cut due to fast speed and no platform control. Especially when used to cut straight lines, the effect is not ideal; the key is not safe.

2. Improvement of Manual Bench Tile Cutting Machine
    It is a kind of manual tile cutting machine, but the effect has obviously been greatly improved, and the efficiency is relatively high. When it is used to cut tiles, there are basically no problems such as falling angles, cracks, etc., and the cutting function is also improved, which can help users save production costs.

3, the characteristics of CNC tile cutter
    Because it uses microcomputer control, it further improves cutting accuracy. And can control the cutting speed, automatic feed, retract knife, collect the number of cuts (a day's workload), so it can meet the needs of high-volume cutting.

 With the improvement of customer requirements, more and more ceramic tile shops and processing plants will choose CNC tile cutters and hand-held desktop cutting machines, both in terms of speed and accuracy.
From the development process, CNC tile cutting machine is a major technological breakthrough in human scientific research. Because as early as ten years ago, most of the tile processing plants at that time used ordinary tile cutting machine equipment. These devices were not only low in accuracy, but they were inefficient in use. As a result, the number of tasks often caused the product to queue up. The phenomenon, many tile processing plants in order to increase production efficiency, must buy a large number of tile cutting machine, has caused a great impact on the development of the manufacturers. The emergence of CNC tile cutting machine, greatly improving the production efficiency, after the advent of CNC tile cutter caused great repercussions, in the face of high efficiency and high precision, CNC tile cutting machine advantage is still great.