Daily maintenance and maintenance of welding machine


11 Check that the welder looks good and has no serious deformation.

12 Check if the hexagon socket head screw at the joint of the CO2 torch and the CO2 wire feeder is tight and the CO2 torch is loose.

13 Check if the cable and air pipe of the CO2 wire feeder are wrapped and fixed.

14 Check the CO2 wire feeder correction wheel and wire feed wheel for timely replacement.

15 Check that the motor fixing and insulation coils are intact.

16 Check the remote control box on the CO2 wire feeder for looseness.

17 When installing the CO2 welding torch, tighten the welding torch switch plug and insert it into the guide groove. After the welding gun is installed, tighten the fastening screw.

18 Whether the welding tongs are damaged, whether the upper and lower casings are loose, affecting the insulation, whether the casing fastening screws are loose, and the cables are firmly connected.

19 Whether the welder wheels are complete and flexible.

20 Thoroughly clean the surface of the equipment once a week.

21 Remove the internal dust from the inside of the welder with compressed air (excluding moisture) every six months (make sure to turn off the power before cleaning). When removing dust, remove the upper and side plates, then blow them up and down in order, and wipe the grease with a cloth.

22 Maintenance items are borne by the operator.