Talking about the characteristics of welding machine


First, the advantages of welding machine: welding machine using electric energy, the instantaneous conversion of electrical energy into heat, electricity is very common, welding machine suitable for working in dry environment, do not need too much, due to small size, simple operation, easy to use, More speed
Fast, weld seams and other advantages after the lack of widely used in various fields, especially for parts requiring high strength special, you can instantly the same kind of metal materials (also dissimilar metals can be connected, but different welding methods) Permanent Of the connection, the weld seam after heat treatment, the same strength with the base metal, a good seal, which gives storage gas and liquid container manufacturing to solve the problem of sealing and strength.
Second, the welding machine Disadvantages: welding machine in the process of using the welder will have a certain magnetic field around the arc combustion will produce radiation around the arc in the infrared, ultraviolet and other light species, as well as metal vapor and smoke and other harmful Material, so exercise theory
Is to use the positive and negative poles in the moment of short circuit generated when the high temperature arc to melt the welding electrodes and welded materials to achieve their purpose. The structure of the welding machine is very simple, to put it in vain is a high-power transformers, 220V AC into low voltage, high current power supply can be DC can also be AC. Welding transformers have their own characteristics, that is, with a sharp drop in voltage characteristics. In the ignition of the electrode voltage drop, in ... Welder operating voltage adjustment, in addition to a 220/380 voltage conversion, the secondary coil also tap change voltage, but also with the iron core to adjust the adjustable iron core Welding machine is generally a high-power transformer, the use of the principle of inductance made, the inductance in the turn-on and turn-off will produce tremendous voltage changes, the use of positive and negative poles in the moment when the short circuit generated by high voltage arc To melt the solder on the welding rod to achieve the purpose of combining them. Apply a voltage between the electrode and the workpiece, draw or contact the ignition arc,